The Prosperity Guardian Process

Prosperity Guardian™ knows organizations achieve success through execution of tailored strategies and proven solutions. With a proprietary method for business protection and growth, Prosperity Guardian™ offers our clients a dedicated navigation system that leverages a collaborative dynamic, industry-leading expertise and personalized attention.

Phase 1: Vision
Our initial meeting focuses on the current state of your business and vision for success over the next three years. Prosperity Guardian™ also determines the elements of strength that represent a backbone for growth and the threats and potential barriers to success.

Phase 2: Clarity
Once Prosperity Guardian™ establishes your vision, we perform an audit with a forensic evaluation of current dangers and concerns within your organization. An examination provides our team with a solid, foundational understanding; ensuring future decisions are made with confidence.

Phase 3: Solutions
With the insights gained from the first two steps of the process, Prosperity Guardian™ is able to assess and properly confront the dangers and issues your company faces. Here we present our map for success.

Phase 4: Summit
The support you have from your existing advisors is imperative. By creating a summit with your team, Prosperity Guardian™ is able to streamline areas of focus, strengthen capabilities and accelerate results.

Phase 5: Implementation
To reach the goals established in your vision, Prosperity Guardian™ leverages team capabilities and proven methods to put the solutions into action.

Phase 6: Accomplish
Realization is seen through teamwork and follow-through. Our mission is successful with a focused and clear strategy, executed with attention to detail.

Phase 7: Maintain
Once Prosperity Guardian™ achieves the vision, we work to reinforce progress. Our periodic reviews provide your organization with the clarity and action to surpass initial goals, position for future growth and guard prosperity.